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05罗非鱼五去 价格:860元/吨

05罗非鱼五去 价格:860元/吨
报价: 860元/吨
单位: 南方水产有限公司
姓名:Cassie 薛嘉琳小姐
电话: 86 13726922241


Products: Frozen Black Tilapia (Oreochromis Niloticus, Oreochromis Mossambicus)

Specification: Frozen Black Tilapia Whole Round, Frozen Black Tilapia Gutted and Scaled, Frozen Black Tilapia Gutted Gilled Scaled, Frozen Black Tilapia Head-off, Gutted, Scaled, Tail-off, Fins-off, so on.

Net Weight & Glazing: 100%N.W. +5%Glazing, 95%N.W. +5%Glazing, 90%N.W. +10%Glazinhg , 85%N.W.+15%Glazinhg, 80%N.W. +20%Glazing.

Net Weight & Glazing: 100%+5%, 95%+5%, 90%+10%, 85%+15, 80%+20%

Packing: IQF, IWP, Bulk Pack, 1kg/pag, 3-4pcs/bag

Carton Size: 5KG/CTN, 10 KG/CTN, 20 KG/CTN,40 LB/CTN

Delivery Time: 20 days after receiving prepayment.

Supply Capability: 500 ton/month/ species

Min. Order: 1*20FCL (around 10 tons)

Payment Terms: L/C, T/T

Origin: China

Other Products: Frozen Tilapia, Frozen Tilapia Fillet, Frozen Mackerel, Frozen Pacific Mackerel, Frozen horse mackerel

Note: Product specifications are flexible to you.

规格: 05
数量:500 ton/month/ species 500吨/月
包装:IQF, IWP, Bulk Pack, 1kg/pag, 3-

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